ID-10092854I’ll be honest – in this first year of book review blogging I’ve made some mistakes.  Cringe-worthy mistakes.  But you learn and move on.

The one thing that I really want to get a handle on in 2016 is having scheduled posts up and ready to drop – whether I’m at the keyboard or not.

With one main review blog, and six genre specific review blogs – that can be a bit daunting.  I love the idea of the genre blogs geared to those readers of Historical Romance or Paranormal Romance or Naughty Bits *wink*, or even for the over 30 romance crowd.  I see a need that I can put something out there for those specific readers.  Oh, I don’t expect them to be top ten blogs – I am realistic – but I do want to focus on contributing more to those reading choices that we make… for when the mood hits for something a bit out of the ordinary.

In order to accomplish that – I’m going to have to learn the fine art of scheduling.  My time.  My reading.  And my posting – in a do-able, realistic way that grows the blogs but doesn’t give me a heart attack in the process.  I do this for fun, but it is also a voice that I’m creating online – and I want that voice to be consistent with good reviewing and worth while posts.  Not filler.

So, the next step (aide from writing up posts) is to decide what schedule works for each genre specific blog.  Some will have more readership potential than others.  A daily posting would be ideal – but I do not know if that is feasible just yet, in time but not just yet.  I believe I’m going to try out an “every other day” style at first and see how that works – I can always add in  more should I want to.  Yeah, starting each on one day of the week and then going for every other day after that sounds like a beginning plan.

It’s going to be interesting – and I’m not going to beat myself up if I can’t keep that schedule.  But once I get a chunk of scheduled posts on hand, then the keeping up part will be much easier.

That’s my plan – let’s see how it goes.  Updates to follow.  🙂

Keep Calm & Read A BookI started out with two book blogs about seven years ago.  They were more for my own entertainment than anything else.  I was more focused on another type of blogging.

In time I decided to combine those earlier (and quite ugly) blogs into what is now known as Keeper Bookshelf.  And even then it was a poorly maintained, lonely little blog.  It’s my creation so I can call it as I see it.  *grin*

January 2015 is the moment when I got serious about that blog.  I started posting daily, even several times in one day.  The Challenges and Meme participation came next.  I’ve not been very good about keeping current with those.  I always seem to have reviews that need posting instead.  But the reality is that those extra things do make a difference in readership, quality and most importantly – the companionship of fellow book review bloggers and authors.

As I approach the first year mark in the enjoyable and frustrating hobby of maintaining a book review blog I’ve come to some conclusions about how things went and what I’ll do differently as I begin the second year online with my opinions about the books I read.

Most Important of all — This is a crazy, fast paced and emotional occupation.  And while there are many things I’ll change in small ways.  The one thing that will never change is my love of a good story.

The point of this post is…

…you can do whatever you put your mind, talent, interest and time into and do it well.  Never doubt your own vision of what matters to you.  It’s not bad to fit in, but it takes courage to stand out.  Nothing truly happens overnight – especially when what you are creating is a blog that highlights the work of others.  Authors – the people I admire who can take their words and create amazing worlds for me and you to get lost in.  Without their hard work and talent none of us book bloggers would exist.

I started several genre specific book blogs over this last year.  Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance.  Romance that is ageless.  Christmas Romance. Shifter Romance.  Series Romance – and yes, even a small Erotica Romance blog.  Why?  Maybe I’m just crazy… that’s a possibility.  But as many of the novels that I review come to me through the kindness of publishers offering ARC books in exchange for an honest review through Netgalley – I felt that those reviews needed a more genre specific touch in addition to the general reviews I post on Keeper Bookshelf.  That is the main reason I branched out.

But… it is time consuming.  I knew it would be, but in order to overcome that I’ve discovered that scheduling posts in advance is a life saving practice (as well as sanity saver).

Since January 2016 is the start of a new year, it’s also going to be the beginning of new practices for my multiple blogs.  I’ve begun the first part which is scheduling posts for every genre specific blog I have – on their own unique schedule.  Some will be daily.  A few will be once a week, for now.  And some will end up with an every other day schedule.  Honestly, it will be a learning what works policy for the first few months.

Keeper Bookshelf will always be my main blog and my first blogging love – but I’m wanting more, so I’m going to be brave and go for it all.

The bottom line is that there are things I want to do with my blogs and my love of reading.  And this coming year I’m taking my courage firmly in hand and doing what I  feel is right for me.  Who knows what the future holds, but I’m approaching my review blogging – my way.

Keep Calm Pin OnI freely admit that I have not used my Pinterest account – at all.  And that is rather stupid of me.  Yeah, I get to call myself stupid upon occasion.

Since January 4, 2016 will mark the one year anniversary of  Keeper Bookshelf  … I really should have gotten around to this sooner.  But I have no idea (at this moment) how to really use this social media phenomenon well.

So, I did what I always do when searching out answers – I asked Mr. Google.  🙂

This post is full of links to other sites with interesting, informative and helpful posts about how to use Pinterest for more than simply recipes and kitten memes.  I firmly believe that Pinterest can be a huge benefit to any blog, especially one involving books.  I simply need to discover what might work for me.

Perhaps this post is more for my own education – but if you are looking for ways to effectively use Pinterest for your blogs (no matter what niche you’re in) then hopefully this post will help you too.

Now, on to the helpful linked articles that I’ve found so far.

7 Ways To Grow Your Blog With Pinterest

This one gives information on how to use “secret boards”.

Starting A Blog on Pinterest

Now this one is from Pinterest itself – full of boards about blogging, so look for the ones that are relative to your particular niche.  (yes, book reviewing is a niche)

Growing Your Blog With Pinterest – Ultimate Guide

Here the author has a series of topics relative to using Pinterest wisely.

Pinterest and Book Blogging: Use The Latest Social Media Craze to Your Site’s Advantage

This one is really good for book lovers.

~  *  ~

And that is the end of my list for the moment.  As I better understand how to use Pinterest on my own boards I will definitely have more posts about this subject.

Thanks for reading



George Burns on failure

ID-10092854When I returned to a serious pursuit of book blogging I decided to delete the book sites I had haphazardly posted at before.  There was no rhyme nor reason to those sites, so I simply started over brand new.

There was a time when books that I kept to re-read more than once were referred to as “keepers” so when I went searching for a new name for this brand new book review blog I wanted to create, the phrase of keeper bookshelf stuck in my mind – enough so that I kept it and forged ahead with a new enjoyable pastime.


The website that I review the most at is my own : KEEPER BOOKSHELF.COM

There I review a wide variety of book genres.  Paranormal Romance is my first love followed closely by Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mysteries, Thrillers, some Erotica, New Adult and the occasional Young Adult.  (don’t laugh at YA – they are amazing stories that are clean reading, so many more adults are dropping into that genre)

I have other genre specific book review blogs, but I’ll talk about them in a few days.  For now I wanted to introduce you to the main place that I blog each and every day.  Come on over and visit for awhile.


iStock_000020130958_ExtraSmallThis website that holds my real life name has been many things over the years.  Unfortunately, none of them stuck, ya know?

I’ve been kinda like that fishie over there – jumping from one thing to another.  Until recently, when I found something that I truly enjoy and I’m good at.  Blogger.  Book reviewer.  And a few more things tossed in.

So I’m restarting this website that holds my name over to The Life & Times of a Book Review Blogger because that fits me where I am in my life today.

There will be more here than just about reviewing.  I’m not certain yet just how much I’ll share.  I am, by nature, a shy, quiet and non-public person.  But the internet is vast, and friendships are out there to be made… so we shall see.

For now, enjoy The Life & Times of a Book Review Blogger – and we shall see where it leads… together.