iStock_000020130958_ExtraSmallThis website that holds my real life name has been many things over the years.  Unfortunately, none of them stuck, ya know?

I’ve been kinda like that fishie over there – jumping from one thing to another.  Until recently, when I found something that I truly enjoy and I’m good at.  Blogger.  Book reviewer.  And a few more things tossed in.

So I’m restarting this website that holds my name over to The Life & Times of a Book Review Blogger because that fits me where I am in my life today.

There will be more here than just about reviewing.  I’m not certain yet just how much I’ll share.  I am, by nature, a shy, quiet and non-public person.  But the internet is vast, and friendships are out there to be made… so we shall see.

For now, enjoy The Life & Times of a Book Review Blogger – and we shall see where it leads… together.