Keep Calm & Read A BookI started out with two book blogs about seven years ago.  They were more for my own entertainment than anything else.  I was more focused on another type of blogging.

In time I decided to combine those earlier (and quite ugly) blogs into what is now known as Keeper Bookshelf.  And even then it was a poorly maintained, lonely little blog.  It’s my creation so I can call it as I see it.  *grin*

January 2015 is the moment when I got serious about that blog.  I started posting daily, even several times in one day.  The Challenges and Meme participation came next.  I’ve not been very good about keeping current with those.  I always seem to have reviews that need posting instead.  But the reality is that those extra things do make a difference in readership, quality and most importantly – the companionship of fellow book review bloggers and authors.

As I approach the first year mark in the enjoyable and frustrating hobby of maintaining a book review blog I’ve come to some conclusions about how things went and what I’ll do differently as I begin the second year online with my opinions about the books I read.

Most Important of all — This is a crazy, fast paced and emotional occupation.  And while there are many things I’ll change in small ways.  The one thing that will never change is my love of a good story.

The point of this post is…

…you can do whatever you put your mind, talent, interest and time into and do it well.  Never doubt your own vision of what matters to you.  It’s not bad to fit in, but it takes courage to stand out.  Nothing truly happens overnight – especially when what you are creating is a blog that highlights the work of others.  Authors – the people I admire who can take their words and create amazing worlds for me and you to get lost in.  Without their hard work and talent none of us book bloggers would exist.

I started several genre specific book blogs over this last year.  Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance.  Romance that is ageless.  Christmas Romance. Shifter Romance.  Series Romance – and yes, even a small Erotica Romance blog.  Why?  Maybe I’m just crazy… that’s a possibility.  But as many of the novels that I review come to me through the kindness of publishers offering ARC books in exchange for an honest review through Netgalley – I felt that those reviews needed a more genre specific touch in addition to the general reviews I post on Keeper Bookshelf.  That is the main reason I branched out.

But… it is time consuming.  I knew it would be, but in order to overcome that I’ve discovered that scheduling posts in advance is a life saving practice (as well as sanity saver).

Since January 2016 is the start of a new year, it’s also going to be the beginning of new practices for my multiple blogs.  I’ve begun the first part which is scheduling posts for every genre specific blog I have – on their own unique schedule.  Some will be daily.  A few will be once a week, for now.  And some will end up with an every other day schedule.  Honestly, it will be a learning what works policy for the first few months.

Keeper Bookshelf will always be my main blog and my first blogging love – but I’m wanting more, so I’m going to be brave and go for it all.

The bottom line is that there are things I want to do with my blogs and my love of reading.  And this coming year I’m taking my courage firmly in hand and doing what I  feel is right for me.  Who knows what the future holds, but I’m approaching my review blogging – my way.