ID-10092854I’ll be honest – in this first year of book review blogging I’ve made some mistakes.  Cringe-worthy mistakes.  But you learn and move on.

The one thing that I really want to get a handle on in 2016 is having scheduled posts up and ready to drop – whether I’m at the keyboard or not.

With one main review blog, and six genre specific review blogs – that can be a bit daunting.  I love the idea of the genre blogs geared to those readers of Historical Romance or Paranormal Romance or Naughty Bits *wink*, or even for the over 30 romance crowd.  I see a need that I can put something out there for those specific readers.  Oh, I don’t expect them to be top ten blogs – I am realistic – but I do want to focus on contributing more to those reading choices that we make… for when the mood hits for something a bit out of the ordinary.

In order to accomplish that – I’m going to have to learn the fine art of scheduling.  My time.  My reading.  And my posting – in a do-able, realistic way that grows the blogs but doesn’t give me a heart attack in the process.  I do this for fun, but it is also a voice that I’m creating online – and I want that voice to be consistent with good reviewing and worth while posts.  Not filler.

So, the next step (aide from writing up posts) is to decide what schedule works for each genre specific blog.  Some will have more readership potential than others.  A daily posting would be ideal – but I do not know if that is feasible just yet, in time but not just yet.  I believe I’m going to try out an “every other day” style at first and see how that works – I can always add in  more should I want to.  Yeah, starting each on one day of the week and then going for every other day after that sounds like a beginning plan.

It’s going to be interesting – and I’m not going to beat myself up if I can’t keep that schedule.  But once I get a chunk of scheduled posts on hand, then the keeping up part will be much easier.

That’s my plan – let’s see how it goes.  Updates to follow.  :)